Do Your Clients “Expect” Eco Friendly Promotions?



One of the biggest positives (yes, we said positives…) of the 2020 pandemic is that many companies have become more environmentally friendly.

From reducing office space and single-use products, to the new hybrid workforce that commutes far less than before, companies are reducing their impact on the environment, across the board.

It’s not only great for the environment, it’s also what consumers are looking for.

According to a recent study by creative research firm Visual GPS and market research firm YouGov, 81% of people expect companies to be environmentally responsible in their advertising and communications.1

But where do you start?

In this article you’ll learn more about the different types of eco-friendly promotional products available for your next employee program or marketing promotion, including…

  1. Recycled & Upcycled Materials
  1. Reusable Products
  1. Giveback Products

1. Recycled & Upcycled Materials

20 years ago, there weren’t many cost-effective recycled materials to choose from.

Fast forward to today, there are thousands of cost effective recycled and up-cycled materials used in the manufacturing process.

“We are seeing recycled plastic, silicone, wheat straw, leather, vinyl, cardboard, cement and more being repurposed into new and amazing products. The selection and affordability are endless these days,” said Tammy Bladek, MASI, Promotional Products Specialist with Proforma.

Here are a few ways you can work these materials into your next initiative.

  • Hybrid Workers – As employees return to the office in some capacity, offer them an ‘On the Road Again Kit’ complete with a bio plastic bento box set made with plant starch.
  • New Hires – Onboarding remote employees can be tricky! Build a new hire kit that’s complete with a journal made of recycled plastic bottles and repurposed leather.
  • Hybrid Events – With hybrid events sticking around in 2022, send out VIP virtual attendee kits with each registration. Include thoughtful items like a wireless charging pad made of recycled plastic and silicone.

2. Reusable Products

As your customers and employees move away from single-use products in their personal lives, you can align with their values, by providing re-usable promotional products.

Reusable products are in high demand right now. They not only reduce your impact on the environment, but they also provide long-lasting brand impressions.

Here are a few ways you can work reusable products into your next project.

  • Patio Grand Openings/Outdoor Events – As the weather starts to change and patios begin to open, give reusable straws to the first 100 attendees through the door.
  • Work/Life Balance – Work life balance is more important than ever! Incorporate home goods like reusable storage bags into your employee wellness gifts. These bags also make great containers so you can even cut down on your packaging.
  • Light the Way – Shed some light on your customers’ problems and your solutions by incorporating a handy re-chargeable flashlight into your client gift programs.

3. Give Back Products

Another great way to align your eco-friendly mission with your suppliers, is to use products that have a give back component.

These products give back by providing a percentage of their sales to help a number of environmental causes.

Many of our dedicated Supplier Partners are specifically sourcing more give back products like promotional product supplier, PCNA. PCNA has pledged a portion of their environmental line proceeds to 1% for the Planet.

Here are some ways you can work these products into your programs.

  • Surfs Up, Blankets Down – Encourage your team to head to the beach with retail brand Slowtide. Slowtide camp blankets are super trendy, and support a range of coastal and environmental causes.
  • Take the Party Outside – Encourage your customers and employees to take the party (and your brand) outdoors with Verterra cocktail kits. Products from this line give a portion of proceeds to the National Park Foundation.
  • Team Green – Create a sustainable look for your team with apparel made from recycled materials. Proceeds from the Amos Eco Polo and related product line give a portion of the proceeds to 1% for the Planet.

As you start down the path of making your employee programs and marketing promotions more environmentally conscious, we are here to help.

We not only know what products will align with your values, but who has them in inventory, how to set up eCommerce sites and get them where they need to go.

Schedule some time with us today and, together, we can make a difference.